About the Author

The author was graduated from architeture, Bandung institute of Technology class of 1995.  Born in Jakarta but raised on Balikpapan, east Kalimantan, Yogyakarta, and Bandung.

Start the carrier from as a part timer when studying at some consultant, PT. Indah Karya (building Construction Management), PSUD (Urban Study), PT. Citra Indonesia ( Facility Project). After graduated PT. Bita Engineering and Findo Muda (design Consultant), PT. Senayan Trikarya Sempana (Plaza Senayan), PT. Avrist Assurance (ex. AIA Indonesia), and curently in PT. Jones Lang Lassale to manage Bank Indonesia Building, Jl. Thamrin Jakarta.

Here the details…

PT. Jones Lang Lasalle
Period    :  August 2014 – present

Jones Lang LaSalle is an International financial and professional services firm specializing in real estate services
Period : Feb 2014 – now
Position : IFM Dept – Facility Manager at Bank Indonesia (3 Towers – 85.000 M2 ), Jakarta
PT. Avrist Assurance  

Established in 1975, PT Avrist Assurance (Avrist) is the FIRST joint-venture life insurance company in Indonesia (used to known as PT.AIA Indonesia), with 35 years track record in providing life insurance.

Period    :  August 2007 – present
Job : Property Dept


PT. Senayan Trikarya Sempana

Period:  June 2005 – August 2007

A leading Japanese property developer for Senayan Square ( Plaza Senayan, Sentral Senayan I Office Building,  Apartment Plaza Senayan, and annex)

PT. Findo Muda Desain Cipta

Period:  March 2004 – June 2005

An Architectural Consultant and Building Contractor, Jakarta

PT. BITA Enarcon Engineering

Period:  January 2002 – February 2004

An established Architectural, Structural, and Engineering Consultants with ISO system and widespread projects over Indonesia and Southeast Asia Region.

PT. Citra Indonesia, Jakarta ( Total Finaelf )

Period : February 1999 – July 1999

Center of Urban Design and Study ( PSUD – ITB), Bandung

Period:   December 1997 – February 1999

PT. Indah Karya, Bandung

Period:  July 1997 – October 1997



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